Cast Iron Tea Pot "Round Ball" with Pod Plate

The cast iron tea pot is good for making your tea time more enjoyable and keeping hot tea hot.  You can select your favorite color from a wide range of colors.

The cast iron pot has inner coating with a porcelain enamel and acrylic baking finished surface for easy care and easy maintenance after in use. The traditional iron pot does not have inner coating; therefore it is good for having a high level of iron in hot tea but hard to maintain and to prevent iron from gathering rust, if not properly cared or some water remains in the pot.
The cast iron pot comes with the cast iron tea pot plate and not with the tea cup and tea coaster shown in the picture. 
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Color: Black / Blue /  Brown / Dark Brown / Green /Yellow
Large: 1100ml;  Small: 400ml 

Care: Do not expose to direct heat. Keep dry.

        Black,    Large           Blue,   Large     Brown, Large & Small       Dark Brown,   Large          Green,   Small          Yellow,   Large

The cast iron pot (Tesubin) that has a characteristic of a delicate cast iron skin and has more than 400 years history.
North part of Japan, good resources for iron such as iron sand and iron rock have been produced from old days, and materials such as river sand, clay, urushi tree, charcoal that are needed for producing iron are also available in this area, thus this area has one of the best geographic conditions for iron casting industry in Japan.
In order to produce cast iron pot, there are 68 processes to go through, and it will take at least 15 years to be recognized as a full-fledged craftsman. It also takes 40 years to have his name on the cast iron pot.