Gold Makie, Japanese Tableware, Japanese Teaware, and items based on Japanese tradition are all made in Japan.


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Art Craft Japan gives you an opportunity to purchase arts and crafts based on a Japanese tradition and practical articles used in a Japanese lifestyle. Arts and crafts made with a urushi lacquer and a gold were valued high in an imperial court for a long time and a craftsman’s skill and a method for making the arts, and crafts  were evolved up to date for more than a thousand several hundreds. However, the skillful craftsmen engaged in the traditional arts and crafts decreased drastically with a recent Japanese industrialization. Therefore, some of the arts and crafts that we introduce to you are very rare and difficult to make now days in Japan. We hope you would enjoy the beauty of superior arts and crafts based on the Japanese tradition and also contribute toward overcoming the decrease of the skilled craftsmen. If you are interested in the Japanese culture, tradition and looking for something special, then you are coming to the right place here.   

      We ship worldwide directly from Japan.

 Zohiko Dishes & Ornaments

The highest quality urushi lacquer dishes and ornaments made by ZOHIKO, famous venerable brand in Japan.

Beauty of Gold makie 

Please enjoy art works of gorgeous gold makie. You will see delicate picture drawn by gold powders and urushi lacquer.

 Japanese Print Art

Woodblock print "Ukiyo-e" on our store is printed strictly followed with traditional printing method. The kakejiku-style picture  is also available.

Japanese Modern Tableware

The urushi lacquer tableware is very popular in Japan and used daily and also special occasions.

 Japanese Teaware

Cast iron teapot is good for keeping hot tea hot and  hammered copper teapot ionizes water and makes water mild.

Live Camera after  Earthquake 

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Live Camera

Watch the daily life in Japan through the live camera and check the status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.